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The Tree of Life🌳

What does a Tree Need to Thrive and Grow?

Good day!

In our last post we discussed the highway to happiness. Hopefully you took something from it and started to work on refining your thoughts and eradicating negative thinking. If not, you have some homework to do on top of today's homework!

Ok! So, let's dive right in!

First-Take a look at this video (4 mins) and choose a tree.

Take a moment to think about what was covered in the video. What did it reveal about you?

Now, moving on…what does it take for your tree to grow and thrive? (This isn't a trick question so, try to really think about it.)

In school you learn about the environment...and somewhere in there you learn about plants. Just like any other plant, you learn about the anatomy of a tree and what it needs to thrive and grow:






Does this sound familiar? Ok. So, you get the point!